Content Framework

The realisations flowed this week. First, the desired outcome of mapping your search audiences will likely be the content production system you get from it. It escaped me at first. So, we will need to make this obvious. Knowing is not enough. Content plans that focus on what works. The decision architecture will be the…

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website content strategy and planning

What is a blog for

If blogs don’t convert Our spiky point of view is that blogs don’t convert. So I should explain; though blogs don’t convert Search traffic (very well at all), a blog is still a communications channel. Why do we care? Its our thing. We are here to make website content architecture work better. What is the…

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Journal: Developing Search Audiences Training

Thanks goes to those wonderful people encouraging and helping develop Search Audiences Training Courses. I am journaling the development of the framework. If people are interested, then this is the news. The search for excellence has begun. The ideal website content for the ideal user. That is the mission. Writing content that works is a…

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