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What is a blog for


Matt Lambert



If blogs don’t convert

Our spiky point of view is that blogs don’t convert. So I should explain; though blogs don’t convert Search traffic (very well at all), a blog is still a communications channel.

Why do we care?

Its our thing. We are here to make website content architecture work better. What is the content for, where should we put it so it works best – all these questions we are seeking to answer.

Also, we have been developing something new, we need to communicate. We are walking the talk here.

Change communications

In general, a blog is for our ‘already converted’, our circle. Its not sales. It’s communicating about change.

  • The team; a thoughtful way to share where the work is going.
  • Clients; the news, timely content, a direction of travel
  • The wider network, supporters and partners

Every organisation should ‘communicate with stakeholders’.

What about email?

There is a good argument that sending email to your circle is more convenient for them, instead of sending them to read blogs.

The answer is often both. There is a courtesy angle, So rather than filling email inboxes with vast ‘walls of text’ – send a shorter email with a link to more info?

Distribution is about catching people where they are, convenient for them.

Blogs and Social

Other social platforms don’t like us sharing links, so, it feels like we should copy posts into social?

Prospecting type content is not as effective in a blog. Are we marketing or communicating, lets be purposeful.

Back to the original purpose of the ‘web blog’

A web blog is an online published journal. It’s chronological.

Its not like an internal journal, which is to reflect and make sense of the mess. Who wants to read that?

Why put it on a website. What’s the purpose of a public journal?

Share progress for discussion

Starting conversations, seeking views.

A blog has a bit of explanation about it. How can you test your opinions without sharing them? There are question marks.

To ask for gaps in your thinking

Only when communicating do you see gaps in your thinking.

Communicating ‘before you are ready’. It is forcing function to explain yourself better through the eyes of others.

People get to shoot a response before your squishy opinion becomes a rock face. A conversation gives you the gaps in the rock, the hand holds to help with the climb.

Change needs thinking about

The last time blogs were big was during a time of massive change. The Internet was being explored, the unknown was rife. AI is coming fast, maybe its a time to collaborate and meet new challenges once again.

There are moves towards combining blog RSS and knowledge capture again. Maybe Reader Software might bring it back, maybe if twitter implodes.

Here’s our change

Blogs don’t convert search traffic, but we have other pages for that.

Here we are blogging to our circle about developing a website content framework.

A way to plan and execute more effective content through better understanding of the audiences hidden behind keywords.

Thats the news.

Next up, why the new website?

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