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Matt Lambert



Marketing is tunnel vision.

Everything looks like a nail to your hammer. I see many arguments on social media about ‘which form’ of marketing is better than another. As an industry, it doesn’t make us look good.

Those who argue are likely both right and wrong simultaneously. It depends is the appropriate answer.

We have all worked on successful projects, and within our own sector, we probably know what works. But not always. So many variables.

It would be better to stop arguing.

Let’s say we have a niche.

But if our niche client serves their audiences, what do we know about those?

Who’s niche is more important to marketing project success? Our audience or theirs? It makes the brain hurt.

It seems obvious that clients should spend marketing consulting money with someone successful with their target audience. Should they not?

  • If clients choose us depending on their target audiences?
  • How would they find us?
  • And do they know who their target audience should be anyway?

Our audiences change over time

They acquire a different status.

Deciding what to say, when and which communication to use is tricky. But doing everything in the same place is less than optimal – maybe these diagrams will help.

How do we organise and plan the activity

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